Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is "Mad Men" Star Christina Hendricks our Next Wonder Woman?

When people think of the Amazonian princess Wonder Woman, the thought of beauty meets might easily comes to mind, because she‘s a unique heroin that embodies the consciously sound mind and the relentless strength and devotion to truth, justice and equality of a Superman whiles retaining the soft delicate touch of a woman, which is why she is called a Wonder. But for some odd reason she is also a heroin that is incredibly hard adapting into the live action scene, not since Lynda Carter has there been a successful transition of the Truth Lasso welding princess into live action. To date the only successful telling of the heroin aside from the comics has been the animated genre.

And over the last decade there’s been talks and actions put forth into motion to see the Amazonian princess make her gallant march to the silver screen, or at least a return to prime time. The latest attempt was done in 2011 with the intent of it becoming the fall superhero replacement in NBC’s primetime timeslot, but ultimately the production suffered major backlash by the fan base after pictures of actress Adrianne Palicki in costume appeared online which caused a firestorm of viral attacks by fans of the heroin over how horrible the costume turned out, then after the production changed the wardrobe designs to appease to the fans, the show’s producers were criticized for showing a sign of weakness for giving in to the attacks. But the final nail to go into the coffin was when NBC’s bigwigs got a chance to see what they’d eventually would be paying for, and rumor has it they weren’t impress with what they saw to say the least (honestly what did you think you was going to get when you pay for a Wonder Woman who looked like an overly dressed porn star!?!?) so the show was passed on, which left the producers with only one option, to shop it around, but how do you sale something nobody wants?

When talking about actress Christina Hendricks the famous George Takei catch-phrase “Ohhhhhh my” comes to mind. Yes if you’re a guy then you’ve most likely heard of the modern day bombshell by now, who’s notorious for her classic pinup curves and her eye catching upper regions. Well it seems that the new plan for the Wonder Woman franchise is to once again bring it to the silver screen, and director Nicolas Winding Refn, whom is working hard at getting the project off the ground as soon as possible wants the voluptuous Mad Men actress to star as the Amazonian princess and was quoted by Movie Line for saying "If I ever get to do it, she's [Hendricks] going to be it." And it’s well known since last year the Miss Hendricks would most defiantly be game for it as well seeing that she told Rachael Ray last December that "I've been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life". While nothing is yet set in stone on this idea, one can still dream right?

Side Note: Okay for years I’ve been demanding for anyone involved in the Red Sonja project to consider Hendricks as a potential candidate for the lead role, but now I’m seriously reconsidering that thought and would like to see her donning the Red White and Blue! What say you?