Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kevin Pollak is "Vamped Out"

“Vamped Out” is a new horror comedy web series presented by Babelgum Comedy and marks Kevin Pollak’s directorial debut. The series stars Kevin Pollak, Jason Antoon, Illeana Douglas, Cheri Oteri, Topher Grace, and Samm Levine among others. Robert Legoto, who won the Oscar for visual effects of Titanic, is the cinematographer on the series. Vamped Out begins on April 12 on and is set for 6 webisodes.

In the show, Pollak plays Elliot Finke, a documentary filmmaker who believes he is capturing footage of a real world vampire. The documentary was never finished and Finke went missing. Vamped Out then picks up years later following a struggling vampire actor (Antoon) trying to make it big in Hollywood and make something of his immortality. He claims to really be a 172 years old and was the one who fed Bram Stoker all of the nonsense that people believe about vampires. This is precisely why he and other vampires aren’t afraid of to be in the spotlight and among humans rather than hiding in the shadows away from civilization. Everything people think can harm vampires: sun, garlic, staking, actually have no effect on them at all, making it pretty hard to believe in vampires and even harder to harm one.