Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Series, "Date-A-Human" Geared Towards Female Sci-Fi Fans’s new series, “Date-A-Human” combines sci-fi and quirky romantic comedy; focusing on the more rare female sci-fi audience. Babelgum comedy publisher, Amber J. Lawson says, ““Babelgum has had incredible success with sci-fi comedy, offering streaming nominated programs with leading Web talent such as ‘The Crew,’ ‘Hurtling Through Space’ and ‘Craig and the Werewolf.’ With ‘Date A Human’ on our roster, we can provide a fresh new show catering towards female sci-fi fans.”

“Date-A-Human” follows Allie (Anne Griffin), a human girl who has finally given up on human men after being hurt for the last time. Giving in to her roommate, Ruthie’s (Brook Lyons), advice of searching for her love match on the internet through a dating website,, that specializes in interspecies relationships. The series shows the ups and downs, mishaps and sparks in Allie’s experiences with dating a different species for a change.

The show is directed by Joy Dohring who’s background consists of training in the American Film Institute’s “Directing Workshop for Women” and most recently the short, 18, starring Youth in Revolt’s Portia Doubleday. “We really wanted to take a new spin on love and dating and what better way to do that than to bring aliens into the mix. It is sure to be a series that will be loved by both female and sci-fi fans. And with its global audience and like-minded series, we could not think of a better place to host our show than Babelgum Comedy”, says Dohring. The first three of the six episodes premiered March 30. Character activity and series developments can be followed on Twitter or Facebook