Sunday, December 12, 2010

Racy Photos of Xtina Leaked On To The Internet!!!

The internet can be a man’s best friend and a celebrity’s worst nightmare. In the recent months a slew of celebrities have had compromising photos of themselves released onto the interweb (a la Kat Dennings, Jessica Alba, etc, etc) it should be known as the cardinal rule for all celebrities; If there’s nude photos of yourself in existence it will fine it’s way onto the internet one day. The latest victim thus far of a photo scandal is singer turned actress Christina Aguilera.

Racy semi-nude photos of the “Burlesque” star hit the web after an unknown hacker obtained the photos from her personal stylist's account. in a statement issued by the singer's rep the photos were “taken in the privacy “ of her own home and was meant only to be seen by her stylist and herself.

A rep for the singer has issued the following statement:

“The photos of Christina Aguilera being leaked to the press were illegally obtained by a hacker who tapped into Christina’s personal stylist’s account.”

“The photos were taken in the privacy of Ms. Aguilera’s home and were used only in a personal exchange between the star and her stylist.”

“We find the actions of the hackers and the press who purchased and/or obtained these photos to be irresponsible and actionable. We are attempting to determine the identity of the hackers and will pursue them aggressively. Their conduct is reprehensible.”

Her rep said that they will be taking full legal action against whomever is responsible for these photos being leaked onto the internet. This scandal comes at a bad time for the singer as she just recently filed for divorce from her husband Jordan Bratman whom they share a child with.