Thursday, December 2, 2010

Olivia Munn Wants To Be Catwoman!

With barely 20 or so months away before the release of director Christopher Nolan’s 3d installment to the Batman series ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, rumors are running amuck regarding the second sequel. From rumored villains to possible love interests, it’s a never ending battle of gossip and rumors at the moment for a film that doesn’t even begin productions until next April (2011). is reporting that Actress/T.V. Personality Olivia Munn, is showing a deep desire to play the sensual anti-heroine Catwoman in Nolan’s 3d installment.

“I would do craft service on a Christopher Nolan film, I would literally be handing out Raman Noodles to everyone, I mean I am a huge super hero comic book fan, I already have the suit, so that would save them a few hundred dollars,”

There is no official word as of yet if weather or not the character will make an appearance in the next installment then alone exist in Nolan’s Batman universe all together.

This comes along as the overwhelming mountain of rumors begin to make it’s way out of the woodworks.