Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Take A Swim In Echo Lake!

Jonathan Moody, the creative mastermind behind such works as “Scream Queen Campfire” and “Trick or Eat” is now working hard on delivering his newest creation yet to horror fans everywhere, with his new web series: ECHO LAKE. The series is currently filming for a targeted April 12, 2011 launch. Moody has stated that Echo Lake is a horror mystery thriller about a small town where “anyone can be the suspect for a relentless Serial Killer and anyone can also be a victim.” Moody has also said that ECHO LAKE will be split into six fifteen minute episodes which would later be edited into a 90 minute feature film.

“The idea of the series is to do a murder mystery where each week you'd watch 15 mins and see people die in every episode. Who the killer is will always be questioned. And you will never know until the 6th and final episode. The way its made though will turn in to a 90 minute feature film in the end.”

While next April is still a long ways away, we can all take comfort from the viewing of a few behind the scenes screenshots taken on the set during the first two days of shooting.

Moody has suggested that folks interested in following this new series should keep an eye out on the ECHO LAKE official Facebook page

The series is also co-written by (Drum roll please) TCW Reviews’ very own resident film critic and columnist Kelsey Zukowski! So we at TCW Reviews would like to give a great big congrats to Kelsey for her upcoming work on ECHO LAKE.

ECHO LAKE is Written by Jonathan Moody and Kelsey Zukowski and Directed by Jonathan Moody. This web series is made by Sick Flick Productions and will star Chason Hunter, Brittany Colley, Andre Bland, Jonathan Moody, Eli Harris, Kelsey Zukowski, Sam Qualiana, Robert Shepherd, Frances Mitchell, Phil Duffy, and many more with special cameos by a few others.