Sunday, December 4, 2011

Casting Call for “TRAPPED” A New Kid Friendly Horror By Fathead Films!

These days the horror genre is jacked full of films that take us to the extreme with testing the waters on what’s considered “Acceptable” and what’s seen as downright despicable. But people now days have easily become desensitized to these facts when we’re introduced to such torture porn films like “The Human Centipede” and  “Saw” on a regular bases, we forget that horror isn’t about how far one can go to gross their audience or leaving them beyond disturbed.
Sometimes it’s the little stories on a softer scale that can prove to be equally entertaining and a little terrifying. One of the best examples of soft-core horror that proved to be fun for all ages while still maintain a “scare factor” for viewers was none other than the mid 90’s with such shows like “Goosebumps” and “Are You Afraid of The Dark” just to name a few, these type of shows produced material that was enjoyed by viewers of all ages while not having to succumb to picking either the more graphic edgier rout or yielding to the overly demeaning rout with a high cheese factor. But I digress; it seems that a sense of this magnitude will be making its way to the indie screen with the the production company Fathead Films has announcing plans to film a project titled “Trapped.” A short film that is said to be a “Kid Friendly” horror, the project is slated to begin filming sometime in early 2012 in Illinois.

Trapped is being produced and directed by Keith Romine (Acceptance 2010) and written by The Critic’s Word very own Kelsey Zukowski (What They Say.) and is currently casting young actors between the ages of 8 to 18 all December. Read on below for more details regarding the project and how you can help out:

Fathead Films is proud to announce the filming of short film “Trapped” to be filmed in Belvidere/Rockford area early 2012.


Trapped is a scary but kid friendly short film currently in pre-production and slated to begin principal photography in the Belvidere, IL area early 2012. The film Produced/Directed by Keith Romine of Fathead Films, will primarily feature local Northern Illinois talent ages 8 to 18... And of course some adults to fill the roles of meddling parents, troublesome siblings and maybe even a villain or two.

The Concept:

Keith Romine began toying with the concept that has evolved into Trapped in late 2010. Keith's purpose was to bring a 'scary' but kid friendly film to his acting students and other young actors in the Northern Illinois region. Inspired by his young acting classes in the Belvidere and Rockford IL areas Keith commissioned Kelsey Zukowski (What They Say) of Chicago to write a short screenplay stating he wanted a scary movie that (unlike most of his work) his acting students could audition to be in and actually watch once finished!

The Team:

Kelsey exceeded expectations and after nearly a year of planning Trapped is nearly ready to begin production. Keith has teamed with Berdella Endress (That's My Girl) to Co-Produce and has also brought on Stuart Wahlin (Hand of Glory) as Director of Photography. Keith hopes to see many of his current and former students auditioning but notes that auditions will not be limited to Fathead Films students and to avoid bias Keith will rely heavily on the rest of his production team to assist in casting decisions. Auditions will be held early December in the Belvidere and Rockford, IL area.

How You Can Help:

Please help us to spread the word about our fundraising efforts! (”Trapped” Indiegogo Page.) Share with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, email and word of mouth. All of the funds raised will directly help bring this film to life covering a wide variety of expenses from providing on-set snacks and beverages, equipment, locations, props, extensive makeup and special effects in production to editing and effects in post-production and full festival run to follow. Also follow us on Facebook for up to date casting and all things Trapped.

Other Ways You Can Help:

Please help us to spread the word! Share with friends and family via Facebook, twitter, MySpace, email and word of mouth!

Side Tidbit: on a more personal note, aside from marking yet another big milestone for Ms. Zukowski as a writer, Trapped will also include The Critic’s Word new staffer Stuart R. Wahlin as Director of Photography. To which I say congrats to the both of you!