Sunday, September 22, 2019


Seven years ago (and some change) I said farewell to this place. I sought change. and was teeming with ambition, and rightfully so. we should all crave to evolve, to better ourselves. When I took that leap of faith I stumbled at first, but then found my footing. and grew through the experience. However, I learned a valuable lesson along the way. One should have ambitions, but never forget where you came from. along the way I got tied up in a magnitude of things. ranging from the never ending annoyance of site maintenance and management, to having to put others before myself. To having to deal with one new costly road block after another. after a while the stress of dealing with everything burnt me out. And also contributed to a range of health issues. mORE importantly, I lost the spark that my passion for writing came from. I lost myself. the last few years I've been going through the motions like a zombie roaming mindlessly in circles. same shit, different day.

Like waking up from what felt like a dream that had gone on for far too long, I came to the realization that in the seven years since bidding this place farewell, the one thing that has really changed is I got old (and maybe a little fat). and I'm tired, tired of having to cater to absolutely  everyone else except myself. The adventure I set off on seven years ago wasn't all loom and gloom. there were some ups along the way. And I'm eternally grateful for that. but now its time to return to basics. And recapture the spark that made me fall in love with writing. I cannot promise consistency. or that I'll be taking on new writers anytime soon. for now, I'm just going to enjoy being within my own honest, unbiased thoughts again. So yeah, TCW Reviews is back, baby!

Mr. TCW himself
Clifford Kiyabu