Tuesday, November 10, 2009

American Sunset (2009) AKA The return of Cory Haim!!!

Whenever I hear the name Cory Haim mentioned the first thing I have is a blast from the past of memories filed with vampires, Werewolves, and dare I say it... Rollerboys!. sure I may not have been old enough to remember much of the 1980’s era (Except for Prayer of the Roller boys (1990)) but I certainly grow up indulging in a nice daily regiment of it’s era’s finest Cult classics. Most notable of the Cult Classics include film’s such as “Silver Bullet” and “The Lost Boys” and let’s not forget his long term partnership with buddy Cory Feldman whom have worked together in a slew of film dubbing them the title known by their loyal fans as “The Two Coreys.” over the years both Feldman and Haim have seen the unfortunate decline in their status among the Hollywood A-list community, but between the two Haim seems to have gotten the worst of it over the course of this new millennium both professionally and personally. However to show the way of success, fallen from grace actors like Mickey Rourke has exemplified themselves as living proof that you can’t keep a good man down, and sooner or later they will make a comeback!

That’s where the independent film American Sunset (2009) come into play. Cory Haim plays Tom Marlow, a man who gets a phone call from mysterious voice saying that his wife has been kidnapped and if he ever wants to see her again alive he must play a deadly game of cat and mouse while trying to race against time as he only has 24 hours before his wives is never heard from again.

While some may think that the outline of the plot has already been said and done time and time again, the film’s advertisement shows much promise and may still hold a few surprises for moviegoers. Cory Haim is said to have given it his all in his yet most current starring role in American Sunset. And the film could quite possibly be Haim’s long awaited comeback film. Only time will tell however. As of right now if you’re in California tonight (November 9th) be sure to drop by Laemmle theater, 2nd street, Santa Monica around 6:30 pm for the Red Carpet event premiere. Corey Haim will be there in person greeting fans, First 100 get in. Meet Corey and receive a ticket to the after party. More info on the film and it’s premier can be found on it’s official website americansunsetthemovie.com