Thursday, August 5, 2010

Academy Award™ Winning Film Editor Richard Halsey Joins “The City of Gardens"

From the interesting cast lineup, to it’s filming locations, The City of Gardens is a film that is looking more and more like a sure winner, especially now that Academy Award™ Winning film editor Richard Halsey is officially attached to the project now that the film is in post production. Halsey is set on crafting his editing skills to the movie which will piece the film together in what can be only described as magnificence at it‘s best. But don’t take just my word for it, read the press release for yourself!

Academy Award™ Winning Film Editor Richard Halsey Joins “The City of
Gardens” Movie

The Respected Editor and Academy Award™ winner for Sylvester
Stallone’s “Rocky,” has Begun Working on crafting “The City of

Produced by Four Fish Films/Dragon Tree Media

As the film enters into post-production the addition of acclaimed film
editor Richard Halsey (“The Net,” “American History X,” “Edward
Scissorhands,” “Sister Act,”) brings movie history to The City of
Gardens. The intense action/drama, is the story of a free-spirited
American surfer who attempts to rid himself of his father’s wealth by
running off to Peru where he is accused of trafficking cocaine and is
sent to prison.

Editor Richard Halsey has been responsible for crafting together
almost 60 films in his distinguished career. His talent and artistry
led to his winning the Academy Award™ for Best Film Editing for the
1976 film “Rocky.” Also nominated for BAFTA™ Emmy™, and American
Editors of Cinema Awards™, Halsey was inspired by editing master
George Nicholson.

Mr. Halsey, who began his career working at 20th Century Fox and
Warner Bros.’ Studios in sound and film editing, commented, “I knew
immediately that Camilo Vila’s film was a project on which I wanted to
work. The material shot in Lima, Peru is beautiful. And the ensemble
of this young, dynamic cast brings tremendous talent and freshness to
this amazing story of survival.”

Director Camilo Vila, “The chance to work with Mr. Halsey is an honor.
I feel that Richard’s artistry will help bring together the vision we
all share.” Co-Producer, Rami Rivera Frankl added, “We could not be
happier and more thrilled.”

The City of Gardens is an intense action drama and coming of age story
that stars John Robinson (“Lords of Dogtown,” “Transformers,”
“Elephant”), Alex Meraz (“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” and “New Moon”),
Johnny Lewis (“Sons of Anarchy,” “The Runaways,” “AVPR: Aliens vs.
Predator – Requiem”), Michael DeLorenzo (“A Few Good Men,” “Not
Forgotten,” “Resurrection Blvd.”), Deborah Unger (“White Noise,” “The
Hurricane,” “Angel and the Bad Man,” “The Game”), James Remar (“Red”
with Bruce Willis, “Gun” with Val Kilmer, “Pineapple Express,” “2 Fast
2 Furious”) and Grant Bowler (“Killer Elite” with Robert De Niro,
Jason Statham & Clive Owen, “True Blood” 3rd Season, "Atlas Shrugged",
“Ugly Betty”). The City of Gardens is directed by Camilo Vila (“18
Wheels of Justice,” “Resurrection Blvd”), who wrote the script with
Monty Fisher. Fisher and Alicia Rivera Frankl (“Gettysburg,” “Babysitter,”
“The Mask of Zorro”) are producing alongside co-producer Rami Rivera
Frankl. DragonTree Media president Rami Rivera Frankl is in
discussions for Domestic and International Distribution. Production is
currently casting the role of Wayne’s (John Robinson) mother.

The action drama, The City of Gardens follows a blond Californian
surfer, Wayne Montgomery (John Robinson), who is a fun loving beach
bum escaping the influence of his wealthy and powerful father (James
Remar). Wayne leaves his home in Beverly Hills for the enchantment of
exotic Peru. Wayne’s carefree lifestyle and love affair with his
beautiful girlfriend, Maritza, ends when he is framed during a
political upraising. Framing turns into extortion in the sadistic

In the nightmarish Peruvian Prison, Wayne finds himself surrounded by
a group of social misfits and political activists. There his eyes
begin to open to the political strife of a people on the verge of a
revolution and the value of freedom. Wayne is forced to confront the
animalistic beast named Nicaragua (Alex Meraz).

In a desperate attempt to gain freedom, Wayne meets with Consul Powers
(Debra Unger) whose hands are tied by the false drug charges. As
Wayne's naivety dissipates, another nemesis, the power hungry Lt.
Gutierrez (Michael DeLorenzo), is bent on breaking Wayne’s spirit and
extorting money from Wayne and his family. Left with few options,
Wayne adopts a new ethic – engaging the Peruvian activists, sharing
his gifts with them and learning the importance of hard work and faith
through his sympathetic friend, Jorge (Johnny Lewis). Wayne challenges
Lt. Gutierrez’s authority, confronting the depravity of corruption and
abuse with his newfound spirit and courage and in doing so finds the
redemption through his relationship with a schizophrenic named Jesus
Christ (Grant Bowler).

Monty Fisher’s Four Fish Films endeavors to develop and produce
feature films, focusing especially on the cultures of both North and
South America.

DragonTree Media, founded by CEO Alicia Rivera Frankl and President
Rami Rivera Frankl, specializes in developing successful entertainment
properties for the mainstream market with a multi-cultural awareness.
DragonTree Media has several projects in development