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Exclusive: Interview With Actress Jace Nicole

TCWreviews’s Administrator and Editor in chief Clifford Kiyabu sits down with Cookies & Cream’s leading star actress Jace Nicole for an exclusive interview. she's fairly new to the business and already setting to make herself known to the public! I got a chance to set down with her for an interview, we talk about her life aside from acting and what got her into the profession, but most importantly we talk about her debut film Cookies & Cream and what was it like working side by side with up and coming director Princeton Holt.

CK: First off I’d like to thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me even though I wasn’t to kind to you or the cast of the film in my review.

JN: Not a problem. Criticism is a part of artistic life. (Smiles)

CK: Well before I go into the questions regarding your acting career, I think me and my readers would first like to know a little about yourself, what can you tell us about your up brining?

JN: Well, I am a New Jersey native, but have spent time in Alabama, Detroit, Vegas, Atlanta, and now I reside in Maryland. So I guess you could say I am pretty well traveled.
My father and mother both had different views on how to raise me when I was coming up, but my mom pretty much was the foundation for the person that I am today.
Strong, independent, sociable, and driven to go after any and everything I desire. My mom was an awesome woman!

CK: So your mother was not just a strong role model in your life, but also strongly supported your dreams goals growing up?

JN: Yes. She was always telling me to go after everything I desired.
She passed away right before my 19th birthday, so it's unfortunate that she can't see how much of an impact she has had on me.

CK: So traveling a lot as a child, you must have seen some pretty fantastic sights, where would you say was the best place you lived in the past and where would you like to visit one day?

JN: Wow, this one is a difficult one to answer [Laughs]. Everywhere I have lived throughout my years holds some sort of fond memory, so I can't really label which one was the best. They all have had bad points and good points. And I would love to go to the Bahamas soon.

CK: So what got you into acting?

JN: Haha! I knew this question would come soon..Well, I have a cousin named Natasha. She knew I was into doing fashion shows, and things of that nature, and she knew (just like anyone that is close to me knows) that I LOVED going to the movies. And would spend hours in theatres. One day she called me and told me about an acting school in Clifton, New Jersey. She suggested that I go take some sample classes that they were holding to see if I liked it. So I went to the sample class, and took it. I instantly fell in love with it. Guess you could say I got bitten by the "acting bug". hahaha!

CK: [Laughs] was it difficult for you when you first started out in acting class?

JN: Oh no, no, no, no, no! [Laughs] I've LOVED it from the second I walked into it.

CK: Who inspired you to pursue an acting career?

JN: Actually it wasn't a "who" really; it was after I took that first class, I KNEW that I had found my calling. I knew that this was what I was supposed to be doing.
I was head over heels in love with it.

CK: What films have made an impact on your life?

JN: Oh man...the list is quite long. [Laughs] I will name a few: Fatal Attraction, Raging Bull, Awakenings, I spit on your grave.
Like I said the list is just so long.

CK: I’m sure you have a pretty big collection of movies in your library?

JN: Oh yeah! I have over 350 movies. And some of my collection is still in storage.

CK: I myself am the proud owner of a pretty big collection that could seriously rival Blockbusters’ [Laughs]

JN: Haha! And there is nothing wrong with that.

CK: Aside from acting, what is a typical day for you?

JN: A typical day for me is going to work around 7:pm. (I am a bartender/cocktail waitress), come home, check emails and play a little Texas hold em online before going to bed, and getting up the next morning to take my daughter to school, run some errands, then get ready to go to work again. It’s a vicious cycle. [Laughs]

CK: So in other words you’re a pretty busy person on a daily bases?

JN: Yeah. A little TOO busy sometimes if you ask me. But it's cool. I can sleep when I'm dead.

CK: I see you enjoy playing Texas hold em online. You know I’m not so bad a player myself, care to take me on my offer one of these days and see if you’ve got a chance against me? [Laughs]

JN: Oh man...I'm a nice person. I'd hate to see you cry. hahahahaha!
Just kidding. Sure, we could go a couple of hands if the chance ever presented itself.

CK: How does your family feel about you becoming an actress?

JN: They are all really proud of me, and very supportive.

CK: I see that you’ve got a daughter, do you let her watch films like the one you did or do you consider her too young for such material?

JN: Hahaha! Actually, she is in the film with me. She plays my character’s (Carmen) daughter, Candace.

CK: Well I did not know that she was your daughter, she is quite adorable, and obviously carries your good looks.

JN: Aww, thank you! Yeah, I'm so proud of her. She took my direction very well, and she is my little princess.

CK: Alright, now let’s talk about the film Cookies & Cream, how’d you get the job of lead actress, did you have to audition?

JN: I had to audition, but not for C&C...let me briefly explain - I am good friends with Princeton (director of Cookies), and we have worked together since '05. My very first film which was a short named Phish, I did it with him, and I was the supporting character. But before we did Phish, I sent him a tape of me in class and I was doing an acting exercise and once he viewed it, he called me and was like "We HAVE to work together!" And of course I agreed wholeheartedly! [Laughs]

CK: What’s it like working with director Princeton Holt?

JN: Oh man...it’s wonderful! He is very talented, and he is very open-minded. He loves to go back and forth with actors and get their opinions on everything. He is very collaborative, and he is always open for suggestions whenever we are on set. I LOVE working with him, and will continue to work with him as long as he allows me.

CK: So you guys have pretty decent work chemistry going?

JN: Yes, we have amazing director/actress chemistry. I am blessed to know him.

CK: I’m assuming you can’t wait to work with him again?

JN: I sure can't! (Laughs) And anyway we have a couple more projects lined up. So we will be back working together very soon!

CK: Were there any problems you had with the script when you first read it?

JN: No. I loved it. We actually both came up with the idea of Carmen and the story of Cookies and Cream together. Then he went into hiding for two weeks, and came back with a kick ass script. I couldn't wait to begin the shoot.

CK: Now forgive me for what I’m going to say next, but how do you feel about doing nude scenes in a film?

JN: [Laughs] No need to apologize for the question... I do not have a problem with nudity in films, but only if it’s necessary. It has to add to the character and what’s going on in the characters life. Too much gratuitous nudity is just unnecessary.

CK: So you have no problem doing nudity in films so long as it has a point to the plot and not being used as useless eye candy for the male genre?

JN: EXACTLY! [Laughs]

CK: Well I’m officially recommending that you play the lead in a Basic Instinct remake should talks of one ever arise! [Laughs]

JN: Hmm..That would be kinda cool actually. I've never gotten the chance to stab anyone in real life with an ice pick. So sure, bring it on!! [Laughs]

CK: Many actors and actresses have gone that extra mile for the sake of art, Kevin Bacon had his notable shower scene in Wild Things, Anne Hathaway decided to show that she was no longer a little girl anymore when she went topless for the first time in Havoc, Heath Ledger pushed the limits with his controversial performance in Brokeback Mountain, Chloë Sevigny shocked audiences with her infamous Oral sex scene where she performs fellatio on actor Vincent Gallo in The Brown Bunny. So as an artist, do you have limits set on yourself on how far you’d go for the sake of art and what are they?

JN: Nope. I don't believe in limiting myself. Whatever the director needs from me, he/she will get it the best way I can give it to them. Whatever needs to be done to bring the story together, I am more than willing to do it.

CK: well let’s talk more about what you’d be willing to do later but off the record of course [Laughs]

JN: hahahahahaha!

CK: Is there a particular actor or director you dream of working with one day?

JN: For directors, Spike Lee (of course!) & Paul Thomas Anderson, and for actors, I would LOVE to work with Taraji P. Henson, Zoe Saldana, Glenn Close, Charlize Theron, & Giovanni Ribisi.

CK: Last question; aside from perusing an acting career is there anything within the film industry other than acting you wish to tap into one day?

JN: Well, the director's chair does look a little comfy....hahaha!

CK: Well that would be very interesting to see, but would you star in your own film if given the chance to direct?

JN: Wow....you know what? I would rather let the actors have all the fun, but hey, just for shits and giggles maybe I'd do a very small cameo.

And that concludes the interview with Actress Jace Nicole, she and I remain chatting for a while longer off the record about what’s next in store for her and what projects she’ll next be appearing in which I cannot be a liberty to say at the very moment. Both on and off the record she proved to be a very down to earth person with a lot to express through art of acting, which I had the privilege of learning first hand in this interview. Also I through the invitation out to her once more to go head to head with me in a game of Texas hold em, however she saw through me bluff and called me on it, of course I chickened out (Because I’d probably get my but beat within the first few hands [Laughs]). But I thank her for taking the time to do this interview and welcomed her to come back for a second interview in the possible near future. You can see Jace Nicole in her first feature length film Cookies & Cream Now available on DVD as part of the Naked Series. You can also learn more about the film by checking out the office website by clicking here. You can also check out the official MySpace page for the film by clicking here.

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