Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Review: Over Easy (2006) [Reviewed By Clifford Kiyabu]

Directed by: Michael DiBiasio
Written by: Michael DiBiasio
Genre: Short / Crime / Drama
MPAA: Not Rated
Released: 2006 (USA)
Starring: Bobby LaMoia, Rachel Lane.

Plot: A lowlife thug tries to redeem himself of his past mistakes.

Review: 8/10

My Thoughts: In life there’s a time and place for everything, a time to loosen up and a time to remain harden by a shield of armor to keep you safe both emotionally and physically. As a film critic I very much enjoy the Indie film scene, for a great deal of many reasons, one of them is the fact that independent filmmakers are where most of the originality remains in these hard times of lousy remakes and reimagining’s coming out of the woodworks left and right, I swear one can lose their mind in the mess of these big budget wannabe films. Another reason is because independent filmmakers work hard to express their art form with little money and a lot of the time the finishing product holds more stock than its big brother competitor. I recently viewed a 15 minute Indie short called “Over Easy (2006)” at first I didn’t hold much stock in it myself because just what can you produce in a 15 minute span, most stories take 15 minutes just to get you wormed up with the plot, so I didn’t think much of it but decided to watch it anyway. Well what I got was a fine piece of poetic cinema at its finest, the film express some pretty raw emotion that viewers can relate to, filled with empathy, redemption and betrayal, Over Easy was more than what I thought it was going to be, never before have I been so entwined to a story that was only a mere 15 minutes, and after it was over I wanted more while at the same time feeling content.

The story is about: Rock (Bobby LaMoia) a Hitman/Bodyguard who after making a mistake in his line of work must prove himself by taking on a random odd job hit to save his own life. His mission, to go to a local dinner and wait for future instructions on the hit, while there he fine a note instructing him to “wait” so he decides to order something to eat from the young dinner waitress named Stacey (Rachel Lane), practically from the get go the two connect and seem to understand each other in more ways than either could ever imagine, Rock than decides to return again and again over the cures of a few days hoping for the next note which will inform him on the hit he’s hired to do, but instead Rock and Stacey begin to get more involved in each other’s lives, that is until Rock learns that Stacey may be more than he thought she’d be, much more.

As for the acting: Bobby LaMoia was fantastic as Rock, he gave a very naturalism to the role of Rock, and really made you empathize with him, and ultimately feel his pain in the end. Rachel Lane did a fine performance as Stacey, both Lane and LaMoia had a wonderful chemistry between them that felt real and made you feel a blend between sadness and satisfaction at the end.

Final Say: Over Easy was a very enjoyable film, I went into it with no hope for it at all, and came out with nothing but hope and satisfaction, I wish I could see more than only a mere 15 minutes as I feel that this would make a fantastic full length movie one day. I highly recommend it!
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