Saturday, March 12, 2011

WHAT THEY SAY: An Inside Look On A Upcoming Indie Drama!

They say that darkness lurks within us all, and all it takes is the right moment to nudge that darkness out from us and into the world. The question is; once the darkness is out, how can you contain it, how can you lock it away again?

The self mutilation practice, commonly referred to as; ‘Cutting’, has become an epidemic of sorts, with many of today’s young people doing such a dangerous act as self-inflicted cuts unto themselves. For some it’s to have the sense of release from the peer pressure that comes with the every day to day routine. For others it’s that sense of adrenalin that reminds them they’re still alive. And for others, it’s just to feel something, or anything at all other then the complete and unsettling depth of darkness that renders them utterly numb inside.

A chilling new indie project is in the works by Fathead Films, the same people who’ve helmed the new indie vampire horror “Afraid of Sunrise” is now working on a new indie short that focuses on the thought provoking subject of cutting with the new indie film “What They Say”, a compelling indie film that’s based off of a story written by and will also star Writer/Actress Heather Dorff and was recently adapted into script by friend and co-star Kelsey Zukowski. Both Heather and Kelsey are no strangers to working with each other as the two have worked with each other in the past on various projects including the indie vampire horror “Afraid of Sunrise” and a indie short earlier this year called “The Social Media Massacre: I’m Streaming Death”. Now the pair is at it again with the project, What They Say, which is a dark psychological drama that takes you inside the mind of an anguished and tortured young women. Her struggle to control her urges and an inability to trust anyone send her spiraling out of control and into total chaos.

The film’s writer and star, Heather Dorff said the whole idea behind the story came to her one day while she was going to work during a dark time in her life. “It reminds me of how far I've come emotionally and in life in general since I wrote the short. It's a story very close to my heart as I really love and cherish the dark tone of the story. I had never written anything similar to the short before then, and since I realized it could be made into a film and started pre-production it has become that much more important to me” Said Dorff while describing the film’s dark themes and the importance of having this story made into a reality for her. Heather then went on to describe the motives behind her character and what drives the character into chaos. “She's damaged. Broken. I don't think she knows how to piece herself back together anymore. I don't think she wants to”.

Friend and Co-star, Kelsey Zukowski adapted Heather’s short story in to the script. “As soon as Heather told me about it I was immediately drawn to it and knew it was something I wanted to be involved with. It takes your average suicidal demise story and makes it much more visceral and raw; that dark urge inside hungering for more. There‘s a great questioning of whether there‘s still hope or if it defeating this girl is inevitable”, says Zukowski describing her getting involved with the project.

If that was enough to wet your whistle into wanting to see this film, TCWReviews managed to snag an exclusive first look at the film’s new Teaser Poster that just spews out an eerie atmosphere tone that is darkly compelling. Take a look below to see for yourself!

What They Say will be filmed in Chicago this spring and be directed by Justin R. Romine of Fathead Films. Co-founder of Fathead Films, Keith Romine, is a producer of the project as well. Fathead Films recently wrapped up their short Chicago-based vampire film, Afraid of Sunrise, starring Heather Dorff and Andy Schatner. What They Say also stars Tina Renee as the “the best friend” and horror queen, Kitsie Duncan.

To learn more About this project visit the Official website. To learn more about how you can contribute to this project check out it’s Indiegogo page and it’s Rockethub page and also make sure to “Like” them on the Official FB Fan Page.

Side Note: The premise sounds very promising and I’m sure you’ll all be very much looking forward to hearing more on this as it develop. Anyhow, Thanks to TCWReviews’ very own Kelsey Zukowski for providing us with this inside scoop.