Sunday, September 25, 2011

The End of Originality!

I think it‘s time I got back into the habit of writing again. It‘s been far too long since I last spoke my mind, and for good reason of course. I used to go places when I wrote, places that my readers really didn’t care for me to go, and always made it clear to me in their hate-mail. It’s not my fault I have a straightforward mind, and a no-dick assessment when it comes to the topic at hand. Though it is a little crude of me to tell my readers to go ‘f**k off’ when they strike back. Still, I’m here again, and this time the topic of choice is my favorite people to hate, back in my very crosshairs. Yup… HOLLYWOOD.

But not just anyone and everyone in Hollywood. I don’t hate the hardworking waiter that’s forced to serve those arrogant no talent hacks that call themselves celebrities. I don’t hate the underrated and underpaid assistants that’s forced to bend over backwards and take it up the ass by their overpaid and overrated executive bosses. And I don’t hate the maintenance workers, the street cleaners, the hardworking film crews, the meter maids or even the prostitutes and come out after dark. No, not even them. Because even the prostitutes earn their pay… yeah, I just went there. Deal with it.

So who do I hate? Well, sit back and let me open up and explain myself. I hate the executives. I hate the executives that allow, back, or force each and every single comic book adaptation, remake, reboot, re-imagination, sequel and prequel out into the world. I hate the writers. No, not all of them, clearly. I hate the writers who supports these ideas by helping to put pen-to-paper, or finger-to-keyboard over and over again. I hate the actors who give in to these pathetic excuses by first, agreeing to star in these films, thus giving them notary and recognition, and second by demanding such high paychecks, thus raising the budget of said films to such an extreme level that it almost never makes the box-office that it should.

I hate that great writers and great directors are only recognized by a small contingent compared to the masses that follow idiots like Michael Bay and other mainstream directors. I hate that great actors are only remembered for the mediocre films that they stared in, rather than the memorable pieces of art that they worked endlessly to accomplish. There is no more originality left in Hollywood. There is only movies to pass the time between true works of art, which is quickly becoming scarce and in-between.

I bow my head to the hardworking men and women who strive to keep originality alive. I bow my head to the chosen few (and I do me few) executives who supports the arts by giving original ideas a chance… And I bow my head to every single person that supports these films by paying to see them rather than illegally downloading them off the net. Thank you for your contribution to the cause. Keep up the good work.

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