Saturday, August 1, 2009

BEAR FACT: The Lionshare movie coming soon to DVD!

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing a little known film called ‘The Lionshare’, a film that proved to be a true testament to the Indie genre; the director had a clear sense of direction on where he was taking the film without having to spoil it in any predictable manner, and without having the overwhelming weight of the bigwigs coming down on the film, the cast though not exactly you’re typical A-lister type, provided a very stimulating and entertaining performance throughout, even though I didn’t totally agree with all of their performances it’s undeniable clear that a lot of hard work was put into this film on their part that without a doubt deserves kudos for making this little Indy all the more special, and that’s not including that fact it has such an incredible set of original music played in throughout the film that will bring sheer joy to any music lover’s heart.

Unlike other filmmakers, Josh Bernhard and his creative team doesn’t wish to be greedy and force moviegoers who share an interest into paying to see it, which is why they’ve made it available to be seen by people online for free! Yes you read it right, I said the word free! On their site you’ll find a full listing to where you’ll be able to view the film online, can do this by going HERE, aside from seeing it for free, if you wish to support them than you can perches the Lionshare film or supporting them in any way through donations by checking out their official website the DVD will be available in the first half of August, also if you’re out in the New York area than head down to check out the film as it makes it premiere at the Anthology Film Archives as a part of the NewFilmmakers circuit on September 1st. more info on the film’s schedule can be found on the festival’s website HERE and HERE

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