Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bread for Dough for New Web Series "Live Or Die"

We at TCWreviews has always pride ourselves for supporting the independent arts, especially when the those involved are truly passionate about their work. So when we got wind of filmmaker Phil Calderone’s ‘Live or Die’ project which consists of mutable shorts in which you, the viewer, will get to decide weather who lives and who dies in each episode in an online vote, we immediately jumped on board to spread the word for this ingenious idea that allows each and every viewer the chance to get involved in the content they are viewing. And if that’s not enough to put a smile on any horror fan’s face, Calderone is also a baker and as part of his campaign to raise money for the web series which he proclaims is a splice between "Blind Date" meets "Final Destination." He has created multiple ways to show his appreciation for each and every donation, ranging from a copy of the Manhater DVD, a Live or Die T-shirt, a producer’s credit, or a loaf of his famous unique home-made bread which is a part of his Bread for Dough campaign for those who donate a certain amount.

The Manhater movie is done and now it's time to let people know about it in a big way, beyond cast/crew/friends and even Facebook. The core idea is to expose audience to the Manhater web site via a series of comedy/horror shorts based on the Manhater theme. I'm talking shorts that are funny enough for people to spread around of their own accord, while inducing audience participation and building up our following.

The web series, six episodes, is entitled "Manhater Movie's Live or Die." Think "Blind Date" meets "Final Destination."

Each episode will be a self-standing sketch, an interaction between a man and woman, climaxing with the man doing something worthy of his demise. These will be distributed all across the internet (including sites such as Funny or Die) with the audience voting on the ending--thumbs up or down on the outcome.

Of course every episode will come with links to the Manhater movie site and store, already up and running:

The Kickstarter funds will be used in two ways:
1) purchase of a Canon T2i camera kit
2) production of six Live or Die web series episodes
Kickstarter Campaign Fun:
-Video Updates: Sunday PM, Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
-Coffee with Phil
-Bread for Dough (Friday)
-Decide Practice -- there will be voting!
and more to come.

whether you like the shorts they’ve already produced or not, one cannot deny that their Bread for Dough offer is a great idea and a unique incentive to get finical backing to further support a project, and their Live or Die campaign is not a bad idea either which allows you, the viewer, to get more involved in the process of movie making as well as letting you decide how you want the story unfold. If you’re interested in showing your support then you can do so by checking out the filmmaker’s Kickstart page and donate whatever you can.

And while you’re at it, you can visit the offical website or follow him on Twitter or befriend him on Facebook