Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pot Sweetening Edition to Live or Die Campaign Which Ends Halloween Midnight!

There’s less then 24 hrs left for the “Live or Die” Kickstarter Campaign! In addition to the prizes already given out to those who donate at certain levels, filmmaker Phil Calderone is adding one more additional prize to the first person who donates a $100 or more.

Additional Reward: The complete 8-DVD set of “8 Films To Die For, Year 2” for the first pledge at $100 or higher. This is on top of the rewards already offered at the $100+ level, making this a one-time unique reward.
Live or Die Kickstarter page

My favorite movie in this set is the horror/thriller “Tooth and Nail,” though most people like best “The Deaths of Ian Stone,” a remarkably well made, stylish movie (the “Groundhog Day” of horror films). “Borderland” too is chilling.

This is from my personal collection and it’s with some hesitation that I offer it, but priorities prevail. There is only one set available so I'm trying to find more premiums but only 4 days remain. Check the link above each day thru Sunday.
(If you'd like to donate anything as a premium reward please contact me ASAP!)

You’ve got respect the man for willing to depart from such a cool collection of horror films for a cause, and who deny that it’s pretty sweet deal seeing that you’ll get all the prizes someone normally would get at a $100 donation level and an additional prizes such as this and plus you’d totally be supporting the indie arts!