Thursday, October 28, 2010

Comedy Web Series Addresses Life After Legalization

Since the start of marijuana prohibition (Also known as The Harrison Act of 1914 with the “Marijuana Tax Act” added to it in 1937) there’s been a ever growing support to have Marijuana legalized once more. While the subject of this mind altering drug is a heated debate from cost to cost of the United States, there‘s been a slew of points taken from both sides on the spectrum on this matter. While one side claims crime will drop as the government will cash in quite successfully in a market they’ve yet to tape into, another side see’s the legalization of Marijuana as a gateway to the legalization of more powerful, more deadlier drugs. Which ever side you’re with on this matter, one Web-series is attempting to show a much more humorous side to this subject that will have folks everywhere talking!

Burbank, CA – October 27, 2010 — DEAL WITH IT, a new comedy web series to be released in early October, focuses on the life of a marijuana dealer after weed is legalized. Written by Matt Giegerich and Chelsea Mize and directed by Daniel Doherty II, the series films throughout Los Angeles, and explores the impending changes of life after marijuana prohibition.

DEAL WITH IT follows Quincy the Dealer as he struggles to unload a huge crop of marijuana and pay back his debts in a post Prop 19 world. The series investigates Quincyʼs new life through an absurd comedic lens, as he fights to outwit a murderous loan shark and sell the rest of his stash.

“Marijuana enthusiasts and patients are excited about the possibility of legalization, and Prop 19 is an incredible development in the marijuana movement. But pot dealers will also be affected,” said Giegerich. “Weʼre excited to add to the discussion about legalization, and to bring comedy to an important issue.” Giegerich and Mize are co producing the series with Doherty and Jennifer Ferguson (the Assistant Director on the project). Doherty, a 2008 NYFA graduate, is directing a diverse cast of actors whose experiences range from musical theater to television and film.

DEAL WITH IT released its first episode in late October. New episodes are set to release each subsequent week. The series can be seen at as well as on Facebook on Youtube at “DealWithItSeries”.

The first two Episodes are currently online, so weather you agree with it or not it’s recommended to at least giving the show a chance.