Thursday, December 17, 2009

MTV to Make TEEN WOLF Remake!?

Not sure if this is news most people will want to hear, but apparently MTV is planning to remake the 1980’s classic TEEN WOLF! Which I already know many people (Me included) are sick and tired of having to stomach news of remake after remake thrown at them by Hollywood, and that not including the so-called “Re-Imagining” that so many producers like to claim aren’t a remake. Though word about it being remade have circulated the net for years, many (Also including me) thought it wasn’t going to happen due to a mixture of rumors and creative conflict on how’d modernized version would be handled.

But apparently it appears that MTV is finally moving forward with productions with some very interesting news, now hold on just a minute before jumping to any conclusions about the remake coming to a theater near you, reports show that MTV has decided to go a different rout with the remake and instead will be turning the classic teen comedy that once starred Michael J. Fox as the loveable basketball dribbling werewolf into a series! YEP, you read it right, it’s going to be a series, the show is set to star Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed and Dylan O'Brien and the story will follow closely to the original movie with one exception being there will be villainous werewolves in the town who our heroic Wolf will do battle with throughout the show. However as it stands right now the project is only set as a pilot and MTV hasn't given it full commitment just yet, and with hopes of the bed publicity they’ve been getting lately with their bad choices in programming we can only hope this show will never see past it’s pilot.

On a side Note: is it just me or wasn't MTV a fantastic past time when the M stood for Music and not Moron?