Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rain Man Passed Away At 58.

As most of you know I’m not one to always report news regarding a celebrity’s death unless it’s someone monumentally big in show business, or simply because I have a fondness for them. Well it saddens me to report this next bit but: Kim Peek has died at the age of 58 According to The Guardian, the 58-year-old suffered a heart attack in his hometown of Salt Lake City, Ut. Peek was often labeled a 'megasavant' for his incredible recall and memorization abilities, being able to remember things the majority of people can even begin to fathom.

In case you don’t know who Peek was, he was the inspiration behind Dustin Hoffman's character 'Raymond Babbitt' from the oscar winning film Rain Man (1988). And after working on the set of the film he had gone onto making appearances all over the United Stats and elsewhere outside of the country appearing before more than 2 million people in his travels beside his father Fran and making new and personal connections with everyone he met. He was deemed by multiple groups as one of the ‘brightest individuals’ to come around in the last 100 years, and had a brain that many medical groups as well as scientist were fascinated by. In his journeys he’s managed impressively wow likes of Oxford University. Peek possessed expertise in about 15 different subjects which included history, geography, sports and literature, but unfortunately due to his permanent brain damage from birth he lacked motor skills to the point where he couldn’t perform basic tasks like dressing himself. Kim Peek is survived by his father Fran Peek, whom cared for him everyday of his life. Mr. Peek, it was a pleasure having to share yourself with the world, we certainly will not forget you.

11 November 1951 – 19 December 2009