Friday, January 7, 2011

Exclusive Interview With Actor Anthony Guajardo.

TCWreviews’s Administrator and Editor in chief, Clifford Kiyabu, sits down actor Anthony Guajardo for an exclusive interview! He’s an aspiring Actor that has a taste for the theater arts and the modeling business. He‘s appeared in the famous kid‘s film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D, and AMC’s The Walking Dead. But what’s on the minds of many who reads this is; who is Anthony Guajardo? Well folks you’ll get your first chance at finding out in this exclusive interview that Anthony did with none other than yours truly. In this Q&A session I sat down with the actor in a no hold’s bar interview and asked the questions that some have been wanting to know…

Clifford: First off, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me on

Anthony: No problem, I appreciate you taking the time out to type up these questions.

Clifford: Before we shift this interview into full throttle, I figure we’d start off a little light if that’s okay with you?

Anthony: Ha-ha yeah that’s fine dude!

Clifford: I think it’s important that my readers learn a little bit about the man behind the actor. So tell us a little about yourself, like where are you from?

Anthony: I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Although I grew up on the “ghetto” side of town, but I never let that stop me from chasing my dreams.

Clifford: At what age did you first get into acting?

Anthony: I was 7 when I first started, but 5 when I started telling my mom I wanted to act.

Clifford: What was the inspiration behind becoming an actor?

Anthony: One day I was sitting in my living room after school watching “The Mask” and while watching the film, I turned around to my mom making “Sopa” (Mexican soup) and told her “I want to be just like him!” (pointing to Jim Carrey on the screen). And that’s when it all started.

Clifford: Was getting into the movie business always your goal?

Anthony: YES. Acting was the first career I ever chose. I never wanted to be an astronaut or a fireman. When I was on the set of “Sharkboy and Lavagirl”, after seeing Robert Rodriguez in action, I decided I would also like to try my hand at directing after I advance my acting career.

Clifford: I see you’re also model aside from acting, what can you tell us about your modeling career?

Anthony: Ha well it’s a little rare now that I model, although I love to because it’s fun and simple and I just love to be on the set. I haven’t been requested to model for anything in a while, but I would be more than happy to do it again in the future.

Clifford: As an actor is there any particular genre you prefer working in?

Anthony: I love to do serious drama, but I also love action....ha! I personally don't think I am all that funny but would love to try some comedy also.

Clifford: What projects have you worked on?

Anthony: Sharkboy and Lavagirl, a bunch of commercials such as AAA and Valero, The Walking Dead, Theater. The list is not very long because I had quit the business for a few years and The Walking Dead was the first job I booked after I came back to acting in May 2010. I have been talking with Producers, but I can’t give the “dirty” details, ha-ha, I can just say that you’re going to be seeing me a lot more soon.

Clifford: Well we’ll certainly be looking forward to when you’re able to dish out the details at a later date. Perhaps in a second interview further down the road?

Anthony: Oh yeah, definitely!

Clifford: So you’ve done some theater, what projects in the theater field have you done?

Anthony: Local theatre projects such as “Dia De Los Muertos”, which is a Mexican holiday and few original pieces created in my home town. I was never really into the whole school drama club thing, not that there is anything wrong with it, but it just never interested me.

Clifford: You were in the “VATOS” episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, what was it like being a part of that project?

Anthony: It was a freaking awesome!! A dream come true, everybody was so professional and really cool. I made a few friends on set, I also learned a lot more about how they do things on the set of TV shows. Such as how to work in a fast paced environment, in film there’s a little more time slack.

Clifford: how was it working with the cast and crew of The Walking Dead?

Anthony: It was great, everybody was really cool and professional. The actors were extremely talented and gave me a lot to work with and feed off of to make my performance better.

Clifford: So in other words, you can see yourself working with any one of them in a future I take it?

Anthony: Oh definitely! I would love to work with any of them again.

Clifford: I’m trying to withhold from giving any defining spoilers away about the episode to avoid spoiling it for those who have still yet to see it, but judging how the episode turned out, do you think there’s a chance we might come across on you the set again someday?

Anthony: I really hope so! Ha! I see Miguel coming back and, hopefully, so do Frank and Robert! A lot of people have told me that they hope Miguel comes back and I’ve been praying that I get that phone call saying that they want me, but only time will tell ha-ha

Clifford: Well I’ll tell you what, if the fans want you back bad enough, you’ll be back no doubt. [Laughs]

Anthony: Ha-ha thanks man.

Clifford: I know you can’t give us any details just yet, but should we be expecting a lot more of you in 2011?

Anthony: Yes, but probably even more in 2012!

Clifford: So how does you family feel about you perusing an acting career?

Anthony: They are all very supportive, whenever I need help with something, someone is always there to give me a hand.

Clifford: Are there any shout-outs to any family or friends you like to give?

Anthony: I would like to make a shout out to my parents, my friends at Calliope Talent, all of The Walking Dead fans, and I would also like to do a special shout out to my acting buddies Duran Antonio, Brittany Callahan, Jermuel Floyd, and Brandon Chase! I love you guys, thanks for all of your help!

Clifford: This next question I’m about to ask you has become somewhat of a tradition for interviews here at, so don’t worry, you’re definitely not the first one I’ve asked this question to, and you won’t be the last. [Laughs]


Clifford: The term ‘For The Sake of Art’ has always been coined in the entertainment industry for how far an actor/actress would be willing to go for, well… the sake of art. So my question to you is; How far are you willing to go for the sake of art in this industry?

Anthony: ha-ha I am willing to do whatever it takes, I have committed my life to acting and I won’t let anything stop me, so I am willing to go as far as I need to ha-ha

Clifford: I want to thank you again for having this little conversation and welcome you back in the future for another interview.

Anthony: Sounds great! Thanks for listening, I appreciate your interest.

And that concludes my interview with actor Anthony Guajardo. Anthony and I continued to talked for a bit longer after the interview was over, just some miner chit-chat and the possibility of a second interview some time in the near future. I thank you all who read this and Anthony for partaking in the interview, it sure was a blast! My personal opening on him is; he was an interesting and pleasant interviewee who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. I think giving some time he’ll make his mark is the business. So keep in mind folks that you read it here first that he‘s going to be big someday, there’s no doubt about it in my mind. Anthony recently played the role of ‘Miguel’ in the VATOS episode of The Walking Dead on AMC. Previously he was in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D (2005). Keep a lookout for Anthony as he’ll be popping up more in the industry soon enough. For more information on Actor Anthony Guajardo check out his official IMDB page or his Officially Plugged Page. You can also friend him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.