Sunday, January 30, 2011

PREMIERE: Brand New Maggie Marvel Trailer!

Ever hear the phrase; beware a woman’s wrath? If you haven’t then it’s best you learn it now. There’s nothing more dangerous than a woman who’s been wronged. What could possibly be more dangerous than that? A woman wronged and on a mission to get even! Silly Sisters Production and filmmaker Dan Brennan gave indie moviegoers a real treat last year when he released the film Maggie Marvel, which believe me is a movie like no other!

We at TCWreviews had the pleasure of reviewing the film earlier last year and recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the star of the film, Selene Beretta (sorry guys but that little gem of a interview will be up shortly) and in preparation of the film’s release on it’s new purchase option, download via the web, we have the extreme pleasure of presenting the film’s brand new trailer for your enjoyment. So check it out and enjoy!

About the film: Maggie Marvel is about a single Mom who moonlights as a contract killer. Maggie Marvel must balance career and family, murder and math homework. She is pushed into this dangerous world... only to find out she is very good at it.

MM is is Written and Directed by Dan Brennan. And star’s Selene Beretta, Diana Brennan, Katherine Barron, Dan Brennan, Sabrina Brennan, Samuel Whitten, Christopher Douros, Russ Camarda, Dasha Kittredge, And Allison Lane. And is now available to own on DVD and coming soon to download via the web.